Finding a single Korean woman without flawless, dewy and youthful skin can be quite a struggle, and as we all know, this is a result of their complex, laborious, regimented daily skincare routines, right?

Wrong. There’s no such thing.

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Imagine a skincare product with high-end ingredients, innovative delivery, unique formulation, affordable price tag and…it actually works. Sound too good to be true?

That’s what we used to think – until we discovered Korean cosmetics. Where almost every product is a hero and skincare is a pleasurable experience, not a chore. Forget about beauty fads and gimmicks, we’re talking about the holy grail of skincare – effective, enjoyable and affordable products. No wonder beauty pioneers across the globe have been raving about K-beauty for years.

But, what makes these products so good? Any why are the Korean (and Japanese) beauty industries so much more advanced than their Western counterparts?

If you’re a K-beauty newbie, we suggest you do your skin a favour and read on…

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“Gather around ladies – let’s take a group selfie! Give me your biggest smile!”
Oh no! I hope my acne isn’t obvious, good thing I used my extra coverage foundation this morning. Note to self, must remember to edit the pictures later anyway to be safe #needfilters

Sound familiar? How many of us crave flawless, radiant skin rather than feeling insecure every time we’re in front of the camera? How many of us wish we could walk out of the house make up free wearing nothing but lip balm? But sadly, we all know this holy grail of skin confidence is not actually attainable…right?

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