We hope your Easter weekend was just as relaxing and chocolate-bunny filled as ours, and that Storm Katie didn’t ruin your plans for the long weekend!

If you’re anything like us, then I’m sure you’re also now regretting having one too many sweet treats this Easter and swearing off all indulgence (well, at least until Christmas). We know how hard it is to resist those delectable chocolatey eggs, but now that Easter is over, its time to eat clean and “make good choices” once again. You are what you eat after all, and over time over-indulgence will reflect in your health and the condition of your skin. So, to help you get back on track, we’ve put together a list of our top tips for how to eat well for healthy skin:

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We are so very excited to introduce you to the newest member of The Silk Rose family! Aromatica was established with a quest to be 100% pure, natural and safe, both for consumers and the environment. The founder’s passionate belief that beauty should be honest and natural, not synthetic, has been his inspiration since the beginning, over a decade ago. Aromatica’s dedicated sourcing of the best ingredients directly from local suppliers all over the world, and finest essential oils native to the source location, shows in the exceptional quality of their products. Aromatica’s products are manufactured in their ECOCERT certified facility and is the only Korean beauty brand to earn EWG’s Skin-deep Champion Status, an accolade awarded to toxin-free beauty brands.

Aromatica’s founder, Jerry Kim, discovered the importance of natural ingredients when he lived in Australia in 1997. He spent years studying the evidence relating to the detrimental effects of synthetic chemicals, particularly synthetic fragrances which are more toxic than paraben preservatives or synthetic surfactants, and found that many everyday skin and body care products contained these toxic ingredients. He initially started off importing and distributing natural raw materials to wholesalers, cosmetic manufacturers and personal care companies, but found these companies had hardly used natural organic raw materials and decided to extend his reach by manufacturing his own range of products. Aromatica was born because of the founder’s commitment to, and passion for organic, natural and safe ingredients. This is reflected in each and every one of their products, which is why we are so excited to bring the best of Aromatica to you, our lovely customers. Have a look through our thoughtfully hand-picked selection and take your first steps to healthier skin…

Nobody likes change. I certainly don’t. Especially when that change comes in the form of aging skin. But, unlike death and taxes, the youthfulness of your skin (or lack therefore) is not a foregone conclusion. Yes, we have to accept that the breakdown of collagen is just another part of the natural aging process, causing the skin to become crepey, dry and saggy, while fine lines and wrinkles may deepen. But, the extent of this is – atleast partly-  in our control. Of course, genetics play a role, and we are yet to defeat Mother Nature in this particular battle – but there are certain lifestyle and skincare choices we can make to keep our skin looking healthy and glowing no matter our age. Here are some of our top tips:

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