As any KBeauty aficionada will tell you, sheet masks are the – not so secret – reason behind their dewy, flawless skin. But, now that sheet masks have become popular the world over, and are readily available, it’s often hard to distinguish between those that do the work and those that just look the part.

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Everyone – and I mean everyone – understands the importance of moisturising one’s skin. No matter how much of a skincare newbie you may be, I’m sure you apply some sort of cream to your skin on a daily basis. Even the least skin-savvy amongst us have nailed down the basics of cleanse-tone-moisturise. But, there is a big difference between just getting the basics right and perfecting a routine that works for you.

At The Silk Rose, we are big proponents of tailoring your skincare to your personal needs – be that based on your specific skin type, skin goals or concerns. By choosing the right products for you, you will have a better chance at skincare success. Given that moisturisers are clearly a fundamental part of a healthy skincare routine, we thought it may be helpful to take a closer look and understand what makes a good moisturiser and more importantly – how to pick the right one for you.

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No K-beauty skincare regime is complete without an essence, ampoule or serum. These little gems allow you to tailor your skincare to your specific needs – making them an absolute must-have for anyone looking to improve the health of their skin (read: all of us!). Unfortunately, sometimes Western consumers can get confused or intimidated by the different terminology, which puts them off from trying – and ultimately benefiting from – these skincare saviours. To help you avoid this pitfall, we have put together a quick and easy guide to these skin essentials, so you have no excuse not to give them a go yourself 😉



Typically applied straight after your toner has been absorbed, essences (sometimes referred to as emulsions) are used to further hydrate your skin. Now, you may be thinking…does my skin really need to be hydrated again and so soon? Well, the answer is yes. Yes, yes, yes. Especially in drier conditions or at certain times of the year, your skin needs all the help it can get.

These lightweight formulas are also packed with plenty of active ingredients so that they nourish as well as hydrate your skin. Here are a few of our favourites:

Goodal Luminant Plus Whitening Essence

A transformational skin brightening essence that helps improve your complexion by targeting surface discolouration, uneven skintone, and dark spots. Formulated with 7 fermented super seed oils, this potent essence works to revitalise and recharge your skin


LJH Tea Tree 90 Essence

This extremely lightweight essence is formulated with 90% tea tree extract and is superb for sensitive, troubled and irritated skin. It also contains sea buckthorn extract and centella asiatica, which helps to improve and even out skin tone.


Goodal Super Seed Oil Plus Moist Emulsion

This emulsion has a wonderfully refreshing, silky texture that absorbs easily into the skin. Formulated with 7 different super seeds and red yeast rice, it works to dramatically hydrate and nourish your skin, softening the appearance of fine lines and leaving you with naturally radiant, velvety-smooth skin.


Ampoules & Serums

Ampoules and serums are highly-enriched liquid concentrates that influence the skin at a cellular level and boost skin rejuvenation. They are lighter than a moisturiser, but thicker than a toner or essence and they typically have an oily consistency. Most ampoules or serums are targeted for specific skincare needs or concerns and are usually used for short periods of time, when your skin is most in need. Below are some of our favourites:

Mizon Night Repair Seruming Ampoule

Refresh, repair and rejuvenate your tired skin while you sleep! Mizon’s Night Repair Serum Ampoule is a cult favourite for all the right reasons. Wake up with hydrated, radiant, and smooth skin everyday.


Mizon Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule

This deeply nourishing ampoule contains 80% snail secretion filtrate helping to repair damaged skin, lighten dark spots and reduce the appearance of pores and fine lines, while replenishing your skin’s moisture levels.


LJH Vita Propolis Ampoule

This is the perfect serum for anyone who wants radiant and rejuvenated skin. It is light and non-sticky, making it suitable for everyday use. Generously formulated with 50% propolis extract and packed with multi-vitamins, this jar of goodness is great for smoothing out skin tone, combatting dullness and revitalising your skin.


Toning – the elusive middle step in the quick but classic “cleanse-tone-moisturise” skincare routine. Many skip it, many forget all about it and some don’t actually know what it involves. Thankfully for them, they have us to shed some light on this important yet oft-forgotten skincare step.

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Exfoliation: a skincare oldie, but a goodie. Not only is it considered one of the most important steps to beautiful skin but its also soooo satisfying. Few things feel better than sloughing away your dead skin cells, especially when you know its for a good cause – radiant, glowing skin.

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Double cleansing has been all over the beauty blogosphere recently, but don’t take it as a recent fad or passing trend – this is a centuries old tradition. Legend has it, this cleansing method originated from the porcelain-skinned Geishas that used it to remove their elaborate make-up, leaving their skin squeaky-clean. These skin-savvy Japanese beauties understood that “oily dirt” (like make-up) was more easily dissolved by oil cleansers, so they used it to remove the white paint from their faces followed by a water-based solution to clean any residue and leftover impurities.

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