Reasons to Wear Stockings

Stockings have been around for centuries. While the actual date that stockings came into existence is unknonwn, we do know that they’ve been around since at least the 1590s. Back in the medieval era, stockings were worn by men, and it was considered scanalous for women to wear them. Over time, that has changed, though, until stockings are worn almost exclusively by women nowadays.

There are various reasons to wear stockings, some of which include the following.


There are many types of stockings on the market, and they can be used to create different looks. For instance, you can wear printed or colored stockigs to make an outfit pop, or you can wear lacy stockings to highlight a skirt.


Stockings were traditionally worn to keep the legs warm. That’s why men wore them, and that’s why women intially wore them as well. They are still worn for that too. You can even still buy wool stockings that will keep you extra toasty on chilly winter days. There are also warm tight-like nylon stockings that give you the appearance of bare legs while still keeping you warm.

Enhanced Legs

Some women like to wear transparent or nude stockings that make their legs look tan and smooth. They also serve as a way to expose a bit of your legs while still staying a bit polished and protected from the elements.

Sex Appeal

Sexy stockings have become all the rage. When most of us think of sexy stockings, we think of fishnet stockings or thigh-high stockings complete with a pair of garters. These types of stockings are mostly worn nowadays to increase sex appeal and spice up your love life. Pair them with a piece of sexy lingerie like a babydoll or bustier to take your foreplay up a notch.

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