What to Consider When Choosing a Thong

Ever since thongs came about back in the ’70s, they’ve remained one of the most popular styles of panties, and for good reason. Not only are thongs considered sexy-looking, but they actually serve some functional purposes as well. For instance, they are perfect for when you’re wearing formfitting outfits, and you don’t want a panty line to show through.

When you’re buying erotic thongs Obsessive, there are several factors you’ll want to consider to better help you make your choice.

  • Purpose: Do you simply want a sexy thong to impress a lover, or are you looking for a thong for functional reasons as well? Some thongs might be cute and sexy, but you might still be able to see the strings through super tight clothing if you don’t buy the right type of thong.
  • Type: This might surprise you, but there are actually different types of thongs. In addition to the classic G-string, there is also the V-string and the C-string. The cheeky panty is actually classified within the thong family as well.
  • Material: You’ll also want to consider what material your thong is make of. Do you prefer a stretchy material or something lacy? Stretchier materials tend to be more comfort-focused whereas lace and satin are more for looks and can irritate sensitive skin. To compromise, you could select a thong that’s primarily made of stretchy material and then overlaid with lace and satin accents for style.
  • Of course, you’ll also want to take color into consideration. Just like other types of panties, thongs come in virtually every color imaginable, and you can even get ones in patterns and other fun designs. Some even feature a bit of text on the small triangular-shaped pieces of fabric that make up the front of the thong.

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