“Gather around ladies – let’s take a group selfie! Give me your biggest smile!”
Oh no! I hope my acne isn’t obvious, good thing I used my extra coverage foundation this morning. Note to self, must remember to edit the pictures later anyway to be safe #needfilters

Sound familiar? How many of us crave flawless, radiant skin rather than feeling insecure every time we’re in front of the camera? How many of us wish we could walk out of the house make up free wearing nothing but lip balm? But sadly, we all know this holy grail of skin confidence is not actually attainable…right?

We at The Silk Rose draw our inspiration from the Korean and Japanese skincare philosophies that encourage you to respect and nurture your skin, treating it with nothing but the best. East Asian women believe that healthy, radiant skin is the best measure of beauty and their skincare routine is a pleasure – not a chore.

We have personally experienced the transformation, having been religious users of Korean and Japanese cosmetics for a long time. Each product sold on this site has been tried, tested and used by us. We continue to be amazed at the quality of products from the region, their one-of-a-kind wonder ingredients, commitment to efficacy, innovation and affordable price tag!

The Silk Rose was born out of a problem we faced in our daily lives – access to these products. For years, we would stock up on our favourite creams and serums on our travels to Asia. For years, we asked ourselves, why can’t we find these products here…why aren’t they sold in the UK?



The Silk Rose was created to help skincare lovers in the UK explore the wonders of East Asian, specifically Korean and Japanese, beauty. We understand not everyone is familiar with these cosmetics, and that abundant choice can be a blessing as well as a curse. Bearing that in mind, we have done the homework for you and have thoughtfully handpicked each and every product featured on our site. They aren’t just products in pretty packaging or nice sounding names, they are products we know actually work. Moreover, we have sourced all of our products directly from the brands, so you can take comfort in the knowledge that our products are genuine and straight from the manufacturer.

We hope you have been skinspired by our story and will join us on our quest to feeling confident in our skin!